Published On: Tue, Jun 13th, 2017

Tried and tasted: Which sausage do food experts brand number one?

On This week’s episode, Michel Roux Jr and his team of tasters, including food critic Jay Rayner and First Dates’ Fred Sirieix, tested four different sausages. 

Award winning butcher Charlotte Mitchell was on hand to explain what the panel of tasters should be looking for. 

She said: “You should be looking for the perfect balance of meat texture, preservative and flavour.” 

The first sausages to be tasted were Richmond – one of Britain’s best selling sausages, and the cheapest of the four to be tried. 

But Michel Roux Jr wasn’t a fan, as his reaction was: “It doesn’t taste like pork, it tastes…eurgh.” 

The next sausages to be tasted were Tesco’s Finest Outdoor Bred British Chipolatas – another British best seller. 

Fred Sirieix said: “I hope it’s not the best one we’re trying today.” 

The team then tasted chipolatas from a local butcher – the most expensive sausage on the table – but described the flavour as being too salty. 

The final sausage to be tasted Morrisons Best British Pork Chipolatas. 

Michel said: “The seasoning is good, there’s a bit of herbs in there as well. And it looks like it’s got proper meat inside.” 

After the scores were counted, Morrisons’ sausages came out on top, followed by Tescos’ then the ones from the local butcher, and in last place was Richmonds’. 

Susannah Reid carried out a similar product test on ITV’s Save Money Good Food. 

In one episode she asked members of the public which out of the nation’s three cheapest chocolate digestive biscuits did they enjoy the most. 

The three cheapest on the market, according to the programme, come from Tesco, Aldi and Asda. 

Members of the public tasted all three chocolate digestives, and while the price of the biscuits was all the same, the taste appeared very different. 

The taste testers’ favourite was the Aldi chocolate digestive, followed by Asda, and Tesco’s was in third place. 

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