Published On: Tue, Jun 13th, 2017

Top Tories urge May to bring Labour & Liberal Democrats into Brexit talks with Brussels

Neil Carmichael from the Remain camp and MEP Daniel Hannan, a fervent Brexiteer, stressed the need for cross-party collaboration as Britain determines its fateful divorce deal from the European Union.

BBC Newsnight host Evan Davis first asked Mr Hannan if Theresa May “with no parliamentary majority” should reach out to Labour and even the Liberal Democrats to foster a Brexit that will work for the 85 per cent of British voters.

Mr Hannan said: “I do think we should be reaching out. I’ve said ever since the vote, it was a 48 to 52 vote, that is not a mandate for severing all your links. That is a mandate for a phased gradual repatriation of power.

“We’ll end up with a deal that is almost by definition going to… but we aim to get a deal all sides can at least live with.”

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