Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

Geri Halliwell reveals chart hopes for comeback single Angels In Chains: ‘It’s less scary’

The former Spice Girl, now known personally as Geri Horner, released the track today in memory of George Michael.

Fans expressed concern that the single was released in the middle of the chart tracking week, which runs Friday to Thursday.

However, speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Halliwell insisted that she has no grand dreams of a No1 smash.

Talking about the changing face of the British music charts, she said: “There’s no race to Number One on a Sunday anymore. You just release it and wait to see what bubbles.”

She added: “I just had to make the decision that I’m making music… it makes it easier when I think about it – it’s for me, with fans.

“It’s for Childline. It feels a little less scary.”

She also confirmed that a full album is on the way, saying: “I’m in the middle of finishing an album.

“My first solo album was very honest, like I had nothing to lose, and I’ve gone back to that.

“Maybe there’s more of an honest connection. So I’m hoping people connect with it in that respect.

“I’m not trying to be the coolest person on the planet. I just endeavour to make good songs that connect, and with good music.”

Angels In Chains is out now.

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