Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2017

9 Travel Gadgets You Absolutely Need Right Now

PHOTO: Travel like a true genius. (photo via Flickr/Matthew Hurst)

All you really need to travel is the shirt on your back, a passport and the will to roam the world.

Super fancy gadgets don’t hurt matters, however.

It’s a nice sentiment to travel as streamlined as possible, but that would be ignoring how amazing a time it is to be alive right now. Our tiny smartphone can work as our phone, map, video conference unit and entertainment machine all in one as we traverse the globe.

And there are a bunch of other snazzy gadgets that have us giddy as we board that hypothetical plane in our future.


We start with a ridiculously small device that has a gigantic amount of potential. 

The problem with most travel adapters is that they are clunky and not the least bit universal. Chances are you have to carry at least a couple if you are hitting a few countries in a given region. Micro is the presumed answer via Kickstarter campaign that hopes to raise enough to launch this $45 contraption.

If successful, you may only need one adapter to rule them all.


Another Kickstarter candidate, Phazon is everything we want in earbuds whittled down to a promising package.

We can see it now, slipping these little buds into our ears as we go for a hike in France or simply before we plan to forget the rest of the strangers aboard the airplane. Without the wires, there is no getting tangled up in your seatbelt as you attempt to hit the lavatory mid-flight either.

Bose QuietComfort 35:

Let’s say you want more traditional means for your tunes.

Bose’s set comes highly rated on Amazon, is apparently beyond comfortable, has noise-canceling capability and offers wired and non-wired flavors.

It’s everything you want in headphones for that 12-hour flight.

Udee Bag:

We had the pleasure of taking this bag for a spin recently and discovered one of our new favorite travel companions.

Udee has a few novel features such as safety lights for nighttime roaming, a bottom compartment (perfect as a cooler or for a camera) and a look that screams style.

Google Home:

We can’t all have an inexpensive assistant who remains prepared the moment we feel the need to travel.

We can have things like the Amazon Echo or Google Home sitting in a corner, however. As the New York Times reports, Google’s assistant can help you do everything from monitor traffic on the way to the airport to scour the status of ever-changing airfare.


We are officially over the whole walking to our gate scenario.

It doesn’t matter if it means looking like a four-year-old, we simply have to experience the thrill of soaring through the airport on our suitcase/go-kart contraption.

It’s the only luggage we know of that promises to get you where you need to go at five miles per hour.


Power is paramount when traveling. As we previously established, that smartphone is pretty darn essential nowadays.

Mophie offers a line of slick-looking power banks that fit your phone, adding additional energy for that especially long excursion between outlets.

Pack Simply:

Not exactly a gadget, Pack Simply still garners our attention for its simple genius. This service allows you to order a pre-packed toiletry bag so you don’t have to leave for the market after poring over a carefully planned list.

Leave the minutiae to someone else.

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Travelmate Luggage:

If you can’t have luggage you can ride on then perhaps you can get some luggage that will do the heavy dragging. Travelmate actually follows along with you like an obedient droid so you have the added advantage of feeling like Luke Skywalker.

It’s still in the Indiegogo funding phase and is promised to be out later this year.


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